NEW THIS YEAR! Lindyfest has secured the Vendor Services of Wonderland Event Childcare!

The Wonderland Crew consists of local area teachers that share the love for children.
Each member is also First Aid/AED/CPR certified with a clean criminal background check.

Wonderland Service Details

Wonderland caregivers will arrive in their signature blue polos so parents can easily identify them. Caregivers will be prepared with age-appropriate toys, games, and arts and crafts of your choice that will entertain kids for hours. You may opt to include snacks or work with your caterer to provide kid’s meals.

At the event, each child and parent/legal guardian will be banded.  Only that person with a matching band will be able to pick up the child.


  • 1 craft per child

  • fun activities

  • qualified caregivers


Rates are $15.00 per child per hour. We will work hand in hand with your event planner or host to ensure that both you and the kids enjoy a magical experience. Wonderland will provide all toys, crafts, PackNPlay, etc. necessary.

As a mother who happens to be a state certified educator, I empathize with the need for parents to be able to enjoy an event while the kids are having a great time of their own with reliable caretakers.
— Jessica Anderson, Owner of Wonderland Event childcare

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations require a twenty-four (24) hour notice & a forty-eight(48) hour notice during holidays. Please make sure that you speak with a live person when you cancel a reservation.


In order to plan the appropriate number of  teachers, please register your child and indicate the days/hours you might want services: